Yaffa Wigs Kids Ready To Wear European Blonde Human Hair Wig


•Style: Yaffa Gold Label S-GG172

•Color: #10

•Size: Medium Kids Size (adjustable Velcro straps)

•Length: 17” from the crown to bottom. 9” from the nape to bottom back

•Multi Directional Scalp Cap Skin Top

•100% European human hair texture on a stretch cap with multi directional skin top.

ORIGINAL YAFFA BRAND – STRAIGHT FROM  YAFFA WIGS MANUFACTURER, providing for the last 35 years the highest quality wigs. This is the Original Brand of Yaffa Wigs

Finest quality one could get. Wear it straight or with body (with a curling iron it will hold a nice wave and yet it could be blown out straight or flat ironed).